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In 2013 I began a doctoral program unrelated to the visual arts - it has consumed most of my time, energy, and focus. This past spring I entered the dissertation phase and a good friend who had recently completed his own dissertation advised me that I needed to find a creative outlet that allowed me to think, away from the writing and research. Thus was born the dissertation spoon series.

Spoons are considered among the first tools created by humans. Early spoons were created from pieces of wood and bark, often without handles. As humans evolved some spoons took on a ceremonial meaning and while they obviously referenced utilitarian actions, they were decorative and oftentimes ornate. The spoons on display here have, despite their straightforward simplicity, been presented as decorative objects juxtaposing their functionality with the concept of ornamentation. It is challenging to navigate one’s day without relying upon a spoon at some point, and we often take these tools for granted. As with much of my art, I seek to see beyond the surface of an object and with these spoons I see more than a tool or a decoration. I see our history.

dissertation spoon no. 2
coffee stained pine
June 2016
dissertation spoon no. 3
curley maple
June 2016